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 Development history:

1976, established company, the name is Wuxian Cangshu Drawing Mill, started steel Wire business;
1984, renamed Cangshu Drawing Mill;
1987, renamed Wuxian No.2 Wire Rope Factory;
1996, renamed Wuxian Wire Rope Co., Ltd.;
1999, renamed Suzhou Shenwang Wire Rope Co., Ltd;
2002, started business for oil-quenched steel wire, involved in automobile industry;
2003, renamed Jiangsu Shenwang Metal Products Co., Ltd;
2006, drafting unit of national standard of important use wire ropes;
2006, increased investment, built a new factory in Fanfeng road, established Suzhou Shenwang Steel Wire Co., Ltd.;
2007, established a joint venture with famous German company Gustav Wolf, Gustav Wolf (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.;
2007, equity restructuring, established subsidiaries: Suzhou Shenwang Wire Rope Co., Ltd, Suzhou Shenwang Spring Wire Co., Ltd, Suzhou Shenwang Trade Co., Ltd. Suzhou Shenwang Special Steel Co., Ltd.;
2009, established Jiangsu Shenwang Group Co., Ltd;
2010, Product structure adjustment and upgrading, produced new products;
2011, increased investment again, set up Powerfull (Jiangsu) Industrial Co., Ltd in Jiangyan, Taizhou city;
2013, Powerfull (Jiangsu) Industrial Co., Ltd went into operation;
2014, established a sling manufacturing company Suzhou Shenwang Jiangang Metal Products Co., Ltd, supply customers with more range of wire rope slings;

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